Amber B.

Great people! I had an emergency; my dog pulled the faucet off outside. I had water everywhere pour into my yard, and my husband was out of town. It was after hours, so I was heading to the Home Depot to find something to fix it. I happened to see the gate open to their business in Kingsland, so I went there first and told them what had happened. They fixed me right up. I am building a new house and will be using them. Caring, compassionate, and great people. I’m forever thankful.

Gaye C.

I called Wilcoxen Plumbing after another plumber told me I had to replace a sewer line. That was after being charged over 400 dollars. Wilcoxen Plumbing ran a camera down the line and said everything was fine, that I just needed to have Kmud adjust the floats. Now everything’s working well. Very honest company, professional appearance, highly qualified, state-of-the-art equipment.

Crystal S. (Facebook)

Excellent company! They are very responsive and quick to arrive to fix the problem. Great customer service, very thorough, and very reasonable when it comes to pricing.

John O. (Facebook)

Top-notch folks. They actually answer the phone too! I came out, understood what I needed, listened to me and took care of it. Thanks.

Peter F. (Google)

The Wilcoxen Plumbers repaired the leak on my bathtub and shower valve without having to remove any sheetrock or tile to my great relief. They had the necessary parts and special tools in their truck and did a thorough cleanup when done. I highly recommend these fine, skillful plumbers.

Gloria M. (Google)

Thank you. Lawrence, for coming out lighting my pilot and not charging me a service call. Mighty mighty kind of you. Especially since I’m unemployed. Thanks for the training session.

Del S. (Google)

Never hire a johnny-come-lately when you can hire a professional plumber. When you hire these guys you will never have to wonder if the job was done in accordance with industry standards. I am very pleased with the services they provided.

Shannon Z. (Google)

Wilcoxen Plumbing is a great family owned business. They helped my parents with their plumbing problem. They are honest and dependable and do wonderful work in a timely manner. I really appreciate Wilcoxen Plumbing and their employees. Thanks so much for taking great care of my parents.

Alair B. (Google)

Great family-run business. Timely, within (or under) budget, friendly, fast! I will definitely use them again if needed!

Kaila R. (Google)

Fixed the issues we had fast and for a good price.

Deb S. (Google)

Great, skilled plumbers – arrived on time, professional, fixed leaking pipe in a great time! This is a great company! I would highly recommend them for your plumbing needs.

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